PhD opportunity on hypoxic conditioning & obesity (Aspetar Hospital - Lausanne University)

Is walking in hypoxia an innovative strategy to combat obesity ?

A 3-year PhD research opportunity is now available at Aspetar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital in Doha (State of Qatar) to try and answer this question !

The successful candidate will work with Dr. Olivier Girard (Research Scientist) within the Athlete Health and Performance Research Centre at Aspetar, Dr. Davide Malatesta (Senior Lecturer) at Swiss University of Lausanne and Dr. Ray Browning (Research Director) at Nike Sport Research Lab. All the supervisory team members have extensive experience quantifying, in an obese population, alterations in mechanical and energetic costs associated with walking. 

This new international PhD program aims to provide a clinical validation of using hypoxia therapeutically for weight management/loss in obese individuals, improving outcomes beyond what is obtained today. Specifically, this program has two specific aims:

1) To identify the optimal hypoxic conditioning strategies (walking speeds and levels of hypoxia) that minimize joint loading and musculoskeletal discomfort/pain.

2) To evaluate the merits of combining hypoxic living and exercise training and investigate some of the biological mechanisms underpinning hypoxia-induced improvements in cardio-metabolic health and physical fitness.

Scholarship applications closing 15th September 2017. 

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