olivier girard

Senior Lecturer, School of Psychology and Exercise Science, School of Psychology and Exercise Science, Murdoch University

Altitude training and team sports, Repeated sprint training in hypoxia, Hypoxic conditioning, Heat training

olivier Girard

Research Activities:

· Innovative altitude and/or heat training methods for team sports;

· Repeated sprint ability and environmental stress;

· Maximising/minimising internal/external load with hypoxia exposure during perceptually-regulated exercise;

· Mechanical alterations during exhaustive runs in hypoxic and hot conditions;

· Therapeutic use of hypoxia to improve cardio-metabolic health of ‘at risk’ patients.


Chris Abbiss 

Associate Dean (Research), School of Medical and Health Sciences, Edith Cowan University

Thermoregulation, Pacing, Cycling, Blood Flow, Exercise Performance


Research Activities:

· Influence of environmental temperature on health and performance in occupational, clinical and elite sporting environments;

· Effects of pre and post cooling on exercise performance, blood flow and adaptation;

· Influence of dehydration and thermal stress on exercise performance and acclimation.


Martyn Binnie

Sports Physiologist at WA Institute of Sport. Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Western Australia

Endurance, Ergogenic aids, Power, Hypoxia, Load Monitoring


Research Activities:

· Utility of Ischemic Preconditioning in Olympic racing sports. This involves determining optimal dose/response, timing and protocols of this ergogenic aid in different sport settings (i.e. sprint kayak);

· Use of heat and/or hypoxic stimuli to augment training adaptations in Olympic racing sports (Sprint Kayak, Cycling and Rowing), including short term heat blocks, live high altitude exposures and train high altitude exposures;

· Effect of different environmental conditions on other athlete responses such as sleep, mood, energy availability and immunology.


Anthony Blazevich

Professor in Biomechanics, Director of the Centre for Exercise and Sports Science Research (CESSR), Edith Cowan University

Neuromuscular fatigue and adaptation, Strength and power, Sprint exercise, Flexibility/mobility, Sports biomechanics

Research Activities:

· Understanding the relative influence of musculo-tendinous and neural factors on human movement performance;

· Assessment of the acute and chronic responses of musculo-tendinous and neural factors to exercise training, detraining, environmental stress, and other interventions;

· Linking acute and chronic neuromuscular changes to physical performance outcomes.


Carly Brade

Lecturer (Teaching and Research Academic), School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science, Curtin University

Heat, precooling, Heat acclimation/acclimatisation, Sport performance


Research Activities:

· The effect of heat on sport performance;

· Methods to combat the negative effects of heat on sport performance (heat acclimatisation/acclimation and pre-cooling);

· Combination of both precooling and heat acclimation on sport performance in the heat.



Kagan Ducker

Senior Lecturer, School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science, Curtin University

Ergogenic aids, Acclimatisation, Anthropometry, Physique, Pre-cooling

Research Activities:

· Impact of ergogenic aids, pre-cooling and other methods on human performance in extreme environments;

· Effect of environmental conditions on human performance in military and emergency service environments, including methods of combating negative effects;

· Acclimatising/acclimating to cope with extreme environments;

· Effect of physique on human performance in extreme environments.


Tim Fairchild 

Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Research, School of Psychology and Exercise Science, Murdoch University

Carbohydrate Metabolism, Obesity, Diabetes, Exercise, Physiology

Research Activities:

· Application of hypoxia in combination with exercise in clinical conditions;

· Endocrine and metabolic responses to exercise performed in hypoxia;

· Appetite responses to exercise performed under various environmental stress.


Paul Goods 

Physiologist, WA Institute of Sport / Adjunct Lecturer, University of Western Australia

Altitude, Repeat-sprint, Hypoxia, Heat, Team Sport, Football

Research Activities:

· Enhancing team sport performance and optimising environmental interventions to improve athlete performance and availability;

· Repeat-sprint training in hypoxia for team sport performance;

· Combined heat and hypoxic stress to enhance performance in swimmers;

· Strategies to improve outcomes from live-high, train-low simulated altitude camps;

· Blood flow restriction training which remains an area of interest.


Luke Haseler

Research Professor, School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science, Curtin University

Hypoxia, fatigue, Mitochondrial function, Magnetic resonance spectroscopy, Cardiovascular function

Research Activities:

· Hypoxia and mitochondrial function during exercise;

· Magnetic resonance spectroscopy of human muscle during exercise;

· Cardiovascular function and athlete heart health during hypoxic exercise and training;

· Application of environmental stressors to treatment of chronic disease.


Grant Landers

Lecturer, School of Human Sciences (Exercise and Sport Science), The university of Western Australia

Sport, Endurance exercise, Triathlon, Heat, Ice ingestion

Research Activities:

· Improving physiological and cognitive performance in the heat;

· Effect of precooling via ice ingestion on endurance performance in the heat;

· Effect of precooling via ice ingestion on cognitive performance during exercise in the heat;

· Effect of menthol mouth rinse on cognitive performance during exercise in the heat.


Ken Nosaka

Professor in Exercise Physiology, Director of Exercise and Sports Science, School of Medical and Health Sciences, Edith Cowan University.

Muscle damage, Eccentric exercise, Hypoxia

Research Activities:

· Mechanisms of muscle pain induced by eccentric exercise;

· Characteristics of muscle damage induced by eccentric exercise;

· The repeated bout effect that attenuates the magnitude of muscle damage induced by single eccentric exercise bout;

· Effects of eccentric exercise training in hypoxia on health and disease prevention;

· Effects of exercise on health, fitness and anti-ageing.


Brendan Scott

Senior Lecturer (Strength and Conditioning), School of Psychology and Exercise Science, Murdoch University

Hypoxia, Resistance training, Blood flow restriction training, Muscle, Strength

Research Activities:

· Acute physiological, perceptual, and performance-based responses to resistance exercise in hypoxia;

· Using hypoxia to increase muscular development associated with resistance training;

· Understanding the best way to implement hypoxic resistance training to increase muscle size and strength;

· Therapeutic use of hypoxia to improve training responses in individuals who cannot tolerate heavy workloads.



Peter Peeling

Associate Professor, School of Human Sciences, The University of Western Australia

Iron metabolism in athletes, Ergogenic aids and athletic performance, Environmental stress and exercise performance, Training and endurance performance

Research Activities:

· Interaction between environmental stress (heat/altitude) and training adaptation; 

· Nutritional (supplement) considerations for athletes training in such environments.


Jeremiah Peiffer

Associate Professor and Post Graduate Research Director, School of Psychology and Exercise Science, Murdoch University

Heat, High-intensity interval training, Cycling, Dementia, Ageing 

Research Activities:

· Influence of heat on effectiveness of high intensity interval training;

· Heat as an additional stressor/training stimuli;

· Metabolic changes associated with systemic hypoxia.


Brad Wall

Lecturer, School of Psychology and Exercise Science, Murdoch University  

Thermoregulation, Hydration, Performance


Research Activities:

. Impact of hydration on thermoregulation and performance in the heat;

. Monitoring of responses to exercise in the heat;

. Sweat rate/composition and performance in the heat.