German Tennis Federation Award at ECSS 2017

Congratulations to Danielle Gescheit (AUS) for winning the German Tennis Federation Award at ECSS MetropolisRuhr 2017 (GER).

Danielle's presentation was about "Measures of Load and Injury in Tennis: Are there Relationships?" 

Authors: Gescheit, DT., Cormack, SJ., Duffield, R., Kemp, J., Kovalchik, S., & Reid, M.

The international jury was composed of officials from the German Tennis Federation and colleagues - Prof. Alex Ferrauti (GER), Dr. Jaime Fernandez Fernandez (SPN), A. Prof. Rob Duffield (AUS) and myself - who are world leaders in the tennis-related research.

A total of 17 applications were received and selected 12 young scientists competed for the award by delivering excellent presentations. Some of the topics were tennis serve biomechanics, GPS use, health benefits of tennis and playing tennis in the heat.

Congratulation to all applicants for the quality of their work and bringing new perspectives to improve performance and health of tennis players !