Beijing Sports University 2017 International Altitude/Hypoxia Training Symposium

The Sport Science Research Center of Beijing Sport University (BSU) hosted the 6th BSU International Altitude/Hypoxia Training Symposium from 15th to 17th May 2017 in the vibrant city of Beijing (China).

I was invited to the BSU conference as a keynote speaker to talk about “Sprint performance and hypoxia: For worse or better ?”. In my presentation I covered the following aspects: 1) The use of hypoxia by ‘sprint’ athletes’; 2) Sprint performance in acute altitude with a special focus on sprinting mechanics, 3) Updated panorama of hypoxic/altitude methods (live high training low and high, repeated sprints in hypoxia and interventions using local hypoxia, 4) Future research directions, in particular, combining heat and hypoxia or therapeutic use of hypoxia. A special tanks to Dr Bing Yan for the excellent simultaneous, English-Chinese translation.

Others great talks were given by other colleagues. Click here to access the conference program!

In addition to my visit of world-class hypoxic facilities including 21 altitude dormitories and a large hypoxic chamber for training/testing purposes, I had the opportunity during my 6-day stay to meet with staff/officials (Dr Hu Yang) as well as with the numerous students of the institute. Great people, great food and a lot of fun!

Thanks to them I also got a chance to visit busy Beijing and the Forbidden City but also breath-taking Great Wall.

I’m looking forward to BSU growth in the near future and the meaningful contribution of staff/students to our sport sciences community. They are promising research scientists with great passion for hypoxic research!

Here is a link to learn more about their activities: